Sales & Marketing Strategy

We design, build and implement solutions, organizations and processes that unlock efficiencies in your marketing and sales machine that immediately grow your bottomline.

What we do

Business Process Re-engineering
  • Process AS-IS mapping
  • Problem definition
  • Goal setting
  • Time-spent analysis
  • Process TO-BE design
  • Process TO-BE validation
  • Time-saved analysis
Organizational Design
  • Org chart redesign
  • KPI & Performance metrics
  • Operating model design
  • Staffing workload analysis
  • Staffing model redesign
  • Job Description design
  • Incentive scheme design
Technical Design
  • Capability analysis
  • Technical architecture AS-IS assessment
  • Salesforce performance analysis
  • Technical architecture TO-BE design
Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Sales funnel design
  • Channel diversification analysis
  • Lead and opportunity business logic design
  • Ownership and hand-over logic
  • Agent interface and workflow design
Call Center Strategy
  • Operating model design
  • Technical architecture
  • Call center process design
  • Lead dispatching logic
  • Staffing model design
  • Quality assurance design
  • KPIs & Metrics
Lead-to-Cash Design
  • Lead capturing design
  • Lead validation design
  • Lead de-duplication design
  • Lead scoring design
  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ) process design
  • Payment process design
  • Payment gateway selection and integration